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pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips

Have you ever tested yourself for acidity? You can find out by testing.

Elle Macpherson carries around a pH balance urine tester kit wherever she goes.

Elle said: “The most surprising thing in my handbag is) a pH balance urine tester kit to check that I’m in an alkaline state. I believe that most ailments come from having an acidic body.”

Just like your cholesterol and blood pressure, your pH says a lot about the state of your health. It tells you how acidic or alkaline your tissues and fluids are — and that affects all aspects of your well-being.

How? All kinds of ways. If you are overly acidic, you may feel low energy, find it difficult to lose weight, experience poor digestion, suffer from aches and pains and even fall victim to more serious disorders.


  • Super sensitive and accurate
  • Wide range of 4.5 – 9.0
  • Easier to read than pH paper
  • No colour bleeding, no mess
  • Economical
  • Practitioner preferred
  • Tests urine or saliva
  • 90 count per bottle


Twelve Month Warranty

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