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Sphagnum moss natural disinfectant

Our infrared saunas are designed with hygiene in mind. All of our sustainably sourced timber - whether you choose eucalyptus, western red cedar or hypoallergenic basswood - is entirely toxin free. In addition, saunas such as the premium mPulse range come equipped with anti-bacterial bamboo backrest heater covers for extra protection.

However, despite our best efforts to ensure the quality of our products during manufacturing, you will still need to keep your new sauna clean in order to maintain this level of quality.

That's why we offer our Sphagnum moss herbal disinfectant concentrate. This unique formula is designed to keep your sauna fresh and hygienic, while preserving the non-toxic purity of the timber. One litre of concentrate can make up to 20 litres.

Only Available in Australia


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