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maintainME - Full Program

The maintainME program was developed to keep your body feeling great. 

Our search and extensive consultation led to our discovery of three supplements. These all support the central pillars of wellness.

Three supplements can be taken either standalone or in conjunction with a sauna routine. The goal of these is to optimise the natural healthy functioning of your body.  This way you can enjoy the invigorating feeling of your body performing at its peak.

MaintainME is available only from Sunlighten. Each contains only the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients.

These supplements are most effective when combined in the maintainME program. But they are also available for individual sale.

Keep your electrolytes topped up with relectrolyteME, a sugar-free electrolyte powder that contains no preservatives, colourings or additives.

Reduce inflammation with protectME, a natural, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial mineral supplement.

Balance your gut for improved digestion and removal of toxins with balanceME, a certified-organic probiotic powder, fermented with wild-strain lactobacillus.

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