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Cushion Covers - For mPulse saunas

Cushion Covers - For mPulse saunas

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Wrap around your memory foam cushion, this cushion cover, made out of Premium Bamboo Carbon / CELLIANT® mix. Wash after each use.

*Cushion Sold Separately!

mPulse 1 person Cushion Cover: $65 + shipping

mPulse 2 person Cushion Cover: $70 + shipping

mPulse 3 person Cushion Cover: $110 + shipping 

mPulse 4 person Cushion Cover set: $150 + shipping

mPulse 5 person Cushion Cover set: $175 + shipping

What is Bamboo Carbon?

Sunlighten Bamboo Carbon Fibers come from selected 4-year-old bamboo which has been air dried and then charred at 800 degrees. This is then ground into fine nano particles which are added into extruded synthetic fibers to create yarn that is then woven into fabric.

Bamboo Carbon has a high surface area and a variety of minerals that give the unique attributes of odour Absorption, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Excellent Absorbency and Infrared Emission.

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