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I have been using lumiNIR for 2 months now and have definitely noticed changes in my skin, especially around my marionette lines. I have also noticed that my skin seems more hydrated and products seem to absorb better. I have taken to using my lumiNIR while I am watching Netflix which makes it super easy! I am a big fan of infrared light and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for natural and effective anti-aging options!

Skye Tipler Rosenberg

I was at an event where I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. It was beginning to swell and I could not put any weight on it. I used the lumiNIR instantly and BAM! It was like magic! The swelling started to go down and I was able to walk on it again. It is portable which is great because I travel all the time and can take it wherever I go. I loved it so much, I bought one for a friend that is going through surgery. He was able to use it right away to help with the healing process. Thank you, Sunlighten! This one is a home run.

JJ Virgin
Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

lumiNIR Professional Strength Near Infrared LED Light Treatment


Fight aging, relieve pain and heal deep tissue in just a few minutes.

One device, unlimited benefits

The various cell and tissue types beneath your skin’s surface are every bit as unique as you are. Each one absorbs light at a different wavelength.  The lumiNIR 4-in-1 Light System offers four attachments to deliver low-level light therapy to a targeted area for best results.


  • lumi Wand
  • lumiNIR Near Infrared LED for cell repair
  • lumiGLOW Red Light LED for anti-aging
  • lumiSPORT Near Infrared & Red Light LED combo for pain relief
  • lumiCLEAR Blue Light LED for clear skin
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Eye Goggles (recommended for blue or red light treatments near the eyes)
  • Travel Bag




Twelve Month Warranty

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