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Luxury Towel Package - Couples

Bamboo carbon fibre re-emits 91% of the infrared heat absorbed. This maximises the efficiency of your sauna. Soft and absorbent, these towels are recommended for Sunlighten saunas.

  • The bamboo carbon body wrap is 142x80cm and uses clips to form a convenient unisex body wrap that can be worn during sauna sessions.
  • The bamboo carbon hand towel is 71x40cms and is a convenient accessory during sauna sessions or a quality complement to any bath room.
  • Our Bamboo Carbon Large towel is 142x71cm and is recommended to protect the cabin bench in your Sunlighten sauna, from Staining.

What's Included:

2x Body Wraps , 2x Large Towels, 2x Hand Towels RRP $390,

NOW $325 !

*Do not place a rolled up towel behind your back when resting against the heater
cover. This can affect the operation of the heater and may result in damage.


Twelve Month Warranty

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