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Sauna Cleaning Pack with Spray Bottles  SAVE 20%

Sauna Cleaning Pack with Spray Bottles SAVE 20%

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Keep your sauna clean and hygienic with this range of natural cleaning products.

Purchase the full Sauna Clean Program today and save 20% off the total price.


1x Sphagnum Moss Herbal disinfectant 1-Litre

1x Enhance Stain Removal 1-Litre

1x Glass Cleaner 1-Litre

3x Spray bottles for diluting concentrates

-These products are a concentrated solution and should be diluted before use. Recommended amounts to dilute with water is on the back of each label.

✔ Vegan friendly

✔ Grey water & Septic Safe

✔ Family Friendly

✔ Animal Cruelty Free

✔ 100% Australian Made & Owned – Manufactured on-site in Newcastle, NSW.

✔ All Tri Nature ingredients are sourced with a great deal of care and consideration of ethics, safety and sustainability.

*Only Available in Australia

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